Honey Lake Valley RCD

Lahontan Basin IRWM

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM)


Background: The purpose of the Lahontan Basin IRWM efforts is to expand and enhance the collaborative network of water management agencies to effectively manage all aspects of water use and conservation within the defined region, and where appropriate across regions. The IRWM will build upon the on-going watershed scale management planning efforts such as the Pine Creek/Eagle Lake CRMP and the Susan River Watershed Group. Also included are programs such as Lassen and Sierra County’s groundwater management plans; the city of Susanville’s flood water management, wastewater management and recreational enhancement projects; irrigation water management by the Honey Lake Valley RCD and Lassen Irrigation Company; as well as municipal water use by outlying Community Service Districts, and Susanville Indian Rancheria. As the name implies the Lahontan Basin IRWM will integrate and coordinate water management activities across the many existing agencies and public stakeholders and strive to do so in an open collaborative process.

Lahontan Basin submitted their IRWMP for review in April 2015 and was deemed compliant in accordance with the IRWM Planning Act, DWR's formal correspondence letter!  The Lahontan Basin IRWM region was also successfully awarded $1,943,585 during Round 3 of Prop. 84 implementation funding in January 2016, DWR's award notice